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The name of this blog originated from the code I was working on when I was still a software engineer many years ago.

The term “theoryspace” refers to a vast search space when a speech recognition engine theorizes hundreds and thousands of word combination possibilities of an uttered speech. The algorithm traverses through a sequence of these words in the search space, outputting the sentence of the highest probability or confidence.

It's hard to recognize speech

I also see human life as a vast “theoryspace”, filled with many possibilities. No two paths are the same. Yet that does not mean all paths are equally good. Some may come out as great lines that inspire many and quoted by generations. Some, however, come out as dull, empty, and gibberish sentences, and they are soon forgotten in the wind.

All we can do in life is to traverse through these many possibilities with the best confidence or faith we have, at every point in our journey. Hopefully at the end, we end up with not only a line to be said, but a hymn to be sung.

And this blog is a record of my journey traversing the many possibilities of life.