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The 10 Marks of the Holy Spirit

J.C. Ryle

J.C. Ryle

  1. The Spirit awakens a person’s heart.
  2. The Spirit teaches a person’s mind.
  3. The Spirit leads to the Word.
  4. The Spirit convinces of sin.
  5. The Spirit draws to Christ.
  6. The Spirit sanctifies.
  7. The Spirit makes a person spiritually minded.
  8. The Spirit produces inward conflict.
  9. The Spirit makes a person love one’s brothers and sisters.
  10. The Spirit teaches a person to pray.

J.C. Ryle (1816-1900, first Anglican Bishop of Liverpool)

So simple, yet so biblically grounded and theologically sound!

In the face of much contemporary charismatic sensationalism, these 10 marks will prove to be very helpful in discerning who’s really in the Spirit or actually in the flesh.

Read his full explanation from the tract Having the Spirit.

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