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Hard questions every pastor has to ask periodically

  • What do I do for fifty-some hours a week?
  • Why has sermon preparation become drudgery?
  • What happened to the sparkle of hope I felt on the day of my ordination?
  • Why does nothing change unless I put my back into it?
  • Where did my feelings of resentment toward my congregation come from?
  • What happened to my prayer life?
  • When did I last read a decent book on theology, a book that pushed me, a book that changed how I think about God?
  • Do I really think another book on developing more pragmatic skills for ministry will turn things around?
  • Why am I always so tired?
… Even knowing what happened on the following day, if we remain stuck in the mood of Holy Saturday we have separated ourselves from the resurrection joy and hope of the Easter Lord. All we have is a huge burden to carry because at this point everything seems to be left up to us to do. It is little wonder, then, that we are always weary.

Andrew Purves, The Resurrection of Ministry: Serving in the Hope of the Risen Lord (Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press, 2010), 33.

Note to self:
Yes, Jesus lives.
He lives and is reigning, right here, right now.
Our ministry only partakes in Jesus’ continuing resurrected ministry.
Never ever let go of that reality.

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  1. Alan says

    Thank you for posting this.