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Wanna soak in some theology under the sun this summer?

Dr. Hans Boersma teaching Systematic Theology C under the sun during the summer time. Yeah, that's me sitting on the far left.

I am lucky to have just finished my 4.5 year long journey at Regent, completing my MDiv and graduating at the end of this month on April 29th. However, I don’t think learning will stop from here. Having such a great school in my backyard, I think I will continue taking courses every now and then.

Now for those of you who are far away, have you ever considered spending a 1-2 week vacation in Vancouver (which is voted the best place to live in the world numerous times) during this summer, while you take some classes from world-class theologians and think about God and His Kingdom all day? If so, please come and be my guest. Here are a few words from Regent:

Regent College offers a tremendous range of one or two week courses during their summer session. Classes are taught by some of the foremost evangelical scholars of our day – like Alister McGrath, Bruce Waltke, Marva Dawn and Chris Wright – in the areas of theology, art, missions, spirituality, history, Bible studies, church leadership, marketplace theology and much more. If you’re pursuing a graduate degree, some of these courses may well transfer over – and not just in theology or Biblical studies. If you’re considering a career or vocational change, some of these courses will help you sort through those issues. If you’re simply seeking personal enrichment this summer in one of the world’s most liveable cities, come check us out. See for more course details, registration info, free audio and video of lecturers, and much more.

I recommend these courses:
Marva DawnPastoral Care for Those who Suffer (May 16-20)
Christopher WrightGod’s Word, God’s World, and God’s Mission: Reading the Whole Bible for Mission (May 9-13)
Gordon T. SmithSpiritual Discernment (May 23-27)
Alister McGrathTruth, Beauty, and Imagination: Christian Apologetics in a Postmodern Context (Jun 27-Jul 1)
Bruce WaltkeThe Psalms (Jul 25-29)

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