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Free e-book: Love Without Agenda

Here’s another Rob Bell style book about consumeristic Christianity. And it is available for FREE as a PDF download! Freebies are always good, eh?

Love Without Agenda: My Journey Out of Consumer Christianity
by Jimmy Spencer Jr.

Download here:

Book Synopsis:

Modern Christianity is an subtle yet tragic amalgam of our cultural consumer expectation and the words of Jesus. Consumer Christianity is what we experience today as “Christianity”–and it’s a far cry from the whole human experience Jesus pointed all people toward. Perhaps that’s why millions of people are struggling with what it means to ‘be a Christian’. Perhaps there’s good reason for all the angst, anger and fear surrounding our current way of following Jesus?

Love Without Agenda: My Journey Out of Consumer Christianity is my uncensored, unmuffled voice on the stark contrast between the whole, love-oriented Pattern of Jesus, and the Heaven-bound, agenda-driven, counterfeit love I used to practice. It follows my continued journey from consumer towards wholeness, and in the process rediscovering and redefining what it means for me to be a Christian. That loving others and doing good is not only the key to maturing as a human, but it also triggers the energy of God in each intersection or life.

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