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Dr. Owuor – True Prophet of God?

Recently I’ve been hearing from my Korean friends on facebook about this Kenyan prophet called Dr. David Edward Owuor. He is a geneticist/medical-research-doctor turned prophet of God, who has some really impressive and verifiable credentials [1] [2] [3] regarding his prior academic career. It is said that he accurately predicted (and so far with 100% fulfillment) the Haiti earthquake, Chile earthquake, Katrina, Samoa tsunami…… and also with many miraculous signs and massive revivals accompanying his preaching. This past summer, he prophesied about a war breaking out between North and South Korea (specifically a ground-launched missile hitting a power station of some sort), which is yet to be fulfilled. I watched some of his videos on youtube and his theological emphases seem to be acceptable, for instance, always pointing to Christ, giving glory to God, and focusing on repentance and holiness in light of our sinful world.

Friends, if you feel intrigued, I welcome you to do some investigation and discernment with me about this person. Is he a true or false prophet of God? Let’s see.

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