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恩典 vs. 羞恥為中心的講道

『西人講道很多時會著重神的恩典,grace-based 的;中國人講道卻很多時是 shame-based 的,神教我們信祂的人要做乜做乜,如何做才是合神的心意,doing is more important,彷彿我們做得好便可以得到神的祝福;但聖經不是一直告訴我們只要肯信祂便可以?恩典是白白的賜下的!這個分別,正正是「白白的恩典」 這概念並非我們中國人可以輕易明白理解,所以我們的講道很多時都會 focus 在「如何可以做到更討神喜悅的人」去 justify 我們所得的恩典。原來,可以單單的聆聽天父在聖經中的心意,明白祂的心腸,從而再反省自己所做的是否恰當及令神喜悅,from being to doing,是很享受的,更入心,更肯定天父對我們的愛而由心出發去做得更好。這就是為何我很感恩可以有機會在西人教會聚會的原因之一。』

~ 阿比‧艾莉媽媽手記


我也立志要在講壇上 preach grace,因我實在吃不消華人教會那種長年累月不斷以 guilt-trip/shame 人為手段,意圖令人聽道後更加努力為主發光發熱,實質卻令人沮喪不已的信息。

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  1. Timothy Chan says

    Shame is easy, grace is hard. You can claim shame as your own shame, but no one can say “my grace.” Even as Christians, we want to feel like we have a say and a stake in achieving the “good Christian” status by dealing with “my shame” with “my effort.” With grace, there’s nothing you can do except to receive it as “God’s grace.” God’s logic is not easy to accept for shame-based people.

    Besides preaching grace more, you should also deal with how shame-based people can resolve to accept grace with open hands.

    • Anson says

      Yeah, you are right, Tim. I wonder if grace actually causes a lot of anxiety for shame-based people, because there’s nothing that they can do to compensate for that effortless receiving. And they always scramble to do something, in fact anything, to make themselves feel better.

      I saw this book at the bookstore a while ago. Haven’t read it but flipped through it. It seems relevant to this topic:

      Good News for Anxious Christians: 10 Practical Things You Don’t Have to Do by Philip Cary