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Facebook it or blog it?

My friend Rob Haskell notices the apparent decline of blog-reading/writing on the web, which seems to have been replaced by quick facebook status updates. He says:

“Facebook and other such social web environs have lowered the bar of digital communication to the level of phrase publishing. No bitterness; I like it too. But it means that in the last few years less people are reading blogs. It’s quicker and punchier to update your status. Less work, too. Instead of crafting a few paragraphs about some contemporary event, you can just rip off a one liner. Or if that is too much work, you can just ‘like’ someone else’s witticism. Social media is how bumper-sticker discourse went digital. And no, ‘microblogging’ is not real blogging. Again, no bitterness! I’m just saying…”

Do you share that sentiment? I certainly do.

Yet, the reachable audience on facebook is just unbeatable. It is also harder and harder to find time writing thoughtful blog posts.

Whenever I have something to share and I have to decide whether I facebook it or blog it, I tend to go for facebook if it feels impermanent or “ethereal,” as Rob describes it. I would blog it if I think it is worth keeping the record, such that months later people on the web can still search for it.

I once wrote down some instructions on how to setup typing Chinese on a Mac and it has reached over 3000 views, since people find it useful and keep referencing it in other places. I think that this is at least some sort of contribution to the web.

So how do you decide whether you facebook it or blog it? Please share it below.

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