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Best Read-It-Later App: Instapaper

I have always wanted a read-it-later mechanism that works. Now I have found one. It works extraordinary well too. Instapaper gives you a little bookmarklet that you can put in your browser toolbar, so that whenever you have an article you don’t have time to finish, you can just click on that button and bookmark it. Instapaper stores all your bookmarked articles online and strips them down to a highly readable format. It can also automatically sync them to your iPhone, giving you offline reading capabilities.

As I have always said, good software is worth paying for. The free version works very well and is good for 10 articles, but if you are willing to shell out $4.95, the pro version bumps it up to 250 articles and gives you an in-app dictionary, functioning very much like Kindle’s.

Try it out. It has helped me to clear out a bunch of articles I have wanted to read but never had time to read at my desk (e.g.

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  1. Edmund says

    i have been using “Read it Later” as an add-on to my Firefox. It also sync to my android through the cloud. Free and no limit (as far as I can tell).

    • Anson says

      Yeah, it seems like both are equally good, except that Read-It-Later supports more mobile platforms =)

      I used to have read-it-later’s plug-in for firefox, but at some point my browser kept crashing so I uninstalled all the plugins and never got it back. Didn’t know they look so much more polished nowadays. Maybe I’ll try them again.

  2. Edmund says

    I also use xmarks to sync all my bookmarks across various platforms. You can give it a try:

    Yeah, we sync everything to the cloud these days…..

    • Anson says

      Yup, I already do. Can’t live without it =)
      Maybe it’s time to compile a list of essential software again.

      • Edmund says

        Yeah, maybe you built an iphone list, and I will match it with an android one.