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Are you stingy the way you buy apps?

This Is How I Feel About Buying Apps (From The Oatmeal, via Gizmodo):

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When our church culture becomes increasingly consumeristic, it is inevitable that everything that involves money (e.g. hiring a new staff, charging for a summer camp, fundraising for the third world…) feels like asking people to buy an iPhone app. The reason why people exhibit extreme stinginess and frugality is because of the low perceived value they attach to these things or judge what they can get out of it (i.e. always asking the question “Am I getting the worth of what I’m paying for?”)

Such consumerism will only lead to a cancerous death.

Rather, we should strive to cultivate in our churches extreme generosity — not only towards internal needs, but also and especially external needs in missions and aid. As Archbishop of Caterbury William Temple said: “The Church is the only society that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members.

We can be and ought to be generous, because our Father in heaven is abundantly generous in the first place (Matt. 7:11).

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