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10 Things That Drive Me Crazy About Working for a Church

Tim Schraeder talks about the 10 things that drive him crazy about working for a church:

  1. We are really good at burning people out.
  2. We focus way too much on what we don’t have.
  3. We are afraid of change.
  4. We use “let me pray about it” as an excuse to get out of making decisions.
  5. We LOVE meetings.
  6. We try to do way too much.
  7. We try to be something we’re not.
  8. We spend too much time looking at other churches.
  9. We worry about people leaving.
  10. We don’t feel trusted.

Read the whole post with full explanations here. He included some great quotes from the management and leadership book REWORK.

Seriously, I said AMEN ten times in my heart while I read through it.

I wish I could be as brave as Martin Luther to nail it to the door of my church……

Even if you can’t nail it to the door of your church, please at least repost on your blog or facebook or twitter if you share the same sentiments. It might spark a new reformation in our overly-tired and burnt out churches today.

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