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What motivates you?

Here’s yet another RSA video. American journalist Dan Pink, who was also Al Gore‘s former chief speech writer, talks about what truly motivates people.

With a bit of tweaking and re-phrasing, I think it can translate into some fairly biblically-sound principles that church ministry should be done according to:

  1. Autonomy –> Each person should ultimately be led by the inner guidance of the Holy Spirit, instead of the type of church leadership that likes to seize control and micro-manage things. (Of course church unity and proper individual/corporate spiritual discernment must be emphasized here, in order to prevent everyone basically doing their own thing.)
  2. Mastery –> Each person’s spiritual gifts should be identified, embraced, and unleashed. Reintroduce spiritual disciplines into the life of church, so that people learn to become better at it. Develop a culture of excellence, for the glory of God.
  3. Purpose –> We need a robust biblical theology to give us the grand purpose and eschatalogical meaning of living our lives and being the Church in this age. We should not be motivated by church growth or any kind of glorious numerical increase, but by God’s deep love for the world and the eschatalogical picture of the redeemed cosmos.

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