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Only Kingdom people can do Kingdom work

The Sermon on the Mount by Carl Heinrich Bloch

“Effective proclamation of the gospel normally takes place when people see the effect of the presence or rule of God in the life of an individual or community…… Evangelism is the natural consequence of Christology and therefore of life under the rule of God.”

“In its most basic form, without deeds (whether works of compassion, the fight for justice or dramatic supernatural encounters) no one listens, but without words (the telling of the story of Christ and the invitation to believe), no one understands.”

“Evangelicals have been very good at what John Wimber calls ‘programmatic evangelism‘…… Planning, organization, gospel outlines all have their place, but if they do not find that place in the context of a community, an individual, or relationships which know what it is to live under the rule of God, and are caught up in God’s initiative towards the world, they are likely to bring little fruit.”

Graham Tomlin, “Evangelicalism and Evangelism,” in Evangelical Anglicans: Their Role and Influence in the Church Today, ed. R. T. France and Alister E. McGrath (London: SPCK, 1993), 91-2.

This pretty much sums up my theological understanding underlying evangelism.

Only Kingdom people can do Kingdom work.

Perhaps it’s time to read Matthew again.

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