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Elevating Non-Essential Matters

Commenting on Bruce Waltke’s resignation and the theory of theistic evolution, Ross Hastings (Associate Professor of Mission Studies, Regent College) said:

“……this is surely not a creedal issue, and such an action violates the preservation of Christian unity and catholicity which is grounded in matters of confessional orthodoxy, and which flounders when matters of a relatively secondary nature are inappropriately elevated. The creedal matter here is that God created the universe and humans, and the secondary matter is how He may have done so.”

“Do we insist as a faculty at Regent that all must hold to this to teach here? This would be to exalt a non-confessional issue as a ground for unity in a manner that mitigates against the apostolic appeal for unity which is based on foundational, Trinitarian essentials (Ephesians 4:4-6).”

Right on. Dr. Hastings said everything I wanted to say and exactly how I wanted to say it (but better). Read the rest of his post here.

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