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True Humility Is Knowing When To Retreat

John Piper just received approval from the elders board of Bethlehem Baptist Church to take a leave of absence for 8 months, because he senses a debilitating pride in himself, which grieves him, and feels a serious need to reassess the health of his own soul, his marriage, his family, and his ministry. Just watch:

True humility is to be able to look deeply into one’s own soul, be aware of one’s hidden and apparent sins, be honest about it, be willing to confess and apologize to others, and know when it’s time to say “stop” and retreat. Moreover, he blessed his church that God may make it better than ever during his leave, fully trusting that God is the one who sustains the church, not him. Now that’s true humility.

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  1. Wayne Park says

    I saw that and was thoroughly convicted on my own. What did he say? I am making war, not peace, with my sins. Strikes me to the core.

    • Anson says

      He’s coming to town this weekend for the Desiring God conference. Are you going?
      I hope to hear more about not his book, but his recent announcement of taking a leave of absence.