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“Context-Aware Fill” Church

Checkout this amazing “Context-Aware Fill” feature in the upcoming Adobe Photoshop CS5:

(The jaw-dropping fill beginning at 4:00 is what I want to comment about.)

I think this is a perfect illustration of what N.T. Wright proposed as his five-act play to understand what biblical authority means. The role of the church as living in the fifth act of a play with unscripted scenes ahead, is not to simply repeat what was done in the previous acts, but try to improvise with a sensitivity that maintains consistency and congruency with the overall theme and thrust of the plot, such that the end can achieve its intended grandeur.

So in order to be a church that is faithful to the biblical narrative and calling, we have to be a “Context-Aware Fill” church. Perhaps we need to upgrade first, eh?

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  1. Rob Haskell says

    Very interesting Anson, and I’m definitely upgrading now! But I find the metaphor slightly problematic just because I don’t tend to associate photoshoped pictures with reality. I tend to think of them as fake (even though I gladly engage in that faking myself).