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社會福利署 總臨床心理學家劉家祖表示,很多父母有一種錯覺,認為子女是屬於自己,有權打罵或決定他們一切,部分尋死父母恐子女無人照顧,遂帶著孩子陪死,劉指這是錯誤想法。他說,子女是獨立生命,並非財產,父母有責任保護他們成長,但沒有權利奪去他們生命;這種行為屬於謀殺,須面對法律制裁。




* 中文和合本翻譯加了「所賜」在耶和華之後,但原文直譯卻只是「耶和華的產業」(nachalat yhwh banim)。當然,「產業」一詞是有賜下來的意味,但跟上帝賜給以色列民的地土一樣,產業的擁有權和主權仍屬上帝。正如舊約學者 Bruce Waltke 所說:

“The legal term for God’s and Israel’s relationship to the Land, as mentioned earlier, is ‘usufruct.’ I AM freely gives his land to Israel as a beneficiary to maximize their opportunity to enrich themselves by means of it, but Israel will be held accountable to not abuse their benefactor’s trust; he reserves the right to withdraw his gift if Israel breaks covenant with him. When that relationship is broken, the people suffer first judgment in the Land and, if they persist in unbelief, expulsion from it.”

Bruce Waltke, An Old Testament Theology (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2007), 543.


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  1. L says

    I hope when one day I become a father, I’ll remember this.