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A new documentary movie is coming out called “Waiting For Armageddon“.

Here is a quote from the trailer that cuts to the heart of the problem:

“When people think that they have to possess the place to possess the truth, that turns that spot into a blasting cap for religious conflict.”

We do not possess anything in this world, not even God’s truth. Only God is the rightful owner who can claim possession of all things, including His truth.

I remember Bruce Waltke taught me a useful term — usufruct, originating from the Latin expression usus et fructus, meaning “use and enjoyment”. The land given by God to Israel is not for them to possess it as their own property, but it is an usufruct, a permission to use and enjoy the land as long as they do not defile it. God, however, remains the ultimate owner of the land and He has the right to take it away anytime if the holder of the usufruct fail to honor it with proper use. Much of the Old Testament chronicles how the Israelites time and again defiled the God-given land by idolatry and injustice, leading to their repeated losing of it.

It is very sad that so many so-called evangelicals buy into this Zionism, third temple, rapture, and Armageddon non-sense, becoming agents of conflict instead of agents of peace. Isn’t this the biggest elephant in the room among evangelical circles? Will anyone stand up and point out this heresy of the century?

P.S. I wrote a post earlier (sorry, in Chinese only) explaining why it is totally unnecessary to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, how Jesus already fulfilled the temple symbol in himself, and how he reconstituted the true Israel in his church.

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  1. patrick k says

    few weeks ago, i heard a sermon here. it came from an authoritative figure of the very wide spread community here of the different provinces. this person tried to unpack Revelation as God’s eschatological blueprint. i felt a little uncomfortable, but i thought to myself that it got to be a way to resolve this evangelical belief (? heresy of the century?) without causing more conflict and division. i thought of you right away, and want to listen to what you have to say about this. I am planning to call you, since you are already thinking about this, we can start the conversation here.

  2. Anson says

    Hey Patrick, it’s great to hear from you. You know I really miss chatting with you at Regent. 知音人難求.

    I think Darrell’s way of doing it is keep being faithful to the exposition of the text. If you have a chance to preach, then just stick to the Bible and make sure the hearers know that you are preaching plainly what the Bible is teaching us. I think at the end of the day, if we believe our theology comes from the Scripture and the arguments are sound, then people will listen to it and no one can refute it.

    You can call us anytime. We have Skype open always.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon!