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  1. 渴望時常與神同在和跟祂有親密的聯合 (intimate communion with God)
  2. 渴望能夠參與在神事工上的那種榮幸 (the honor and privilege of participating in the divine economy)




“It’s not about the dishes, it’s about being with mom.”

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  1. L says

    Nice observation! 😀
    But why do we stop doing these little chores for our mom after we grow up?
    It seems that after we’ve reached a certain age, we no longer find as much joy in doing these things… Why is that? Is it because we get less praise? Perhaps we have other “more important” things to do, that a small chore seems almost “worthless”?

    • Anson says

      I think it’s because the focus has shifted away from being with mom and participating in mom’s work, to just doing the boring dishes…… that’s why the joy is lost.
      Notice how many people burn out when they serve. That’s precisely the problem. They look at it like an unrewarded task that nobody wants to do. They don’t even see mom standing beside them. They see only themselves in front of a huge pile of dirty dishes.

      And yeah, you are right, they end up wanting to do “more important” things, more worthwhile things that will advance their own well being – whether it be career, financial security, social happiness, or simply indulging in their own entertainment.

      My professor Darrell Johnson once said the biggest fallacy is to think we are called to ministry “for” God, instead of “with” God. See my previous post about this problem:

  2. 四方格 says

    Thank you for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much!!

    • Anson says

      四方格, thanks for reading my blog. I thank God if what I write is edifying to others. Please leave me comments more often, cuz that’ll enhance the discussion and encourage me to write more =) Blessings.

  3. Bruce says

    Hello, Anson.
    This is Greetings from Bruce from QIngdao, PRC. I am Patrick Kuo’s friend, ever quote one of your acticles ( Genesis 39) in my newsletter called “workplace saint”. I also have another close friend here in QD who are just left Regent recently, her name is Connie Ang.
    Enjoy reading your blog very much, and wish to learn more from you. Can I quote your articles in your blog in my newsletter?



    • Anson says

      Hi Bruce, I did hear about you from Patrick. It’s great to hear that Connie is also in QD. Thanks for quoting my article in your newsletter. It is an honor to me. Sure, you can continue to quote whatever you find on this blog. I hope what God inspired me to write can inspire you further in your spiritual/theological reflections.

      P.S. You might have noticed I haven’t been writing much recently, because I have just started working full-time in pastoral ministry at my church. I’ll try to write more once the dust settles. (I actually have many ideas I wrote as drafts and haven’t published yet…)