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Truly Missional Church

Vancouver Courier - Ken ShigematsuNow this is what a truly missional church looks like: Ethnically and culturally diverse reflecting the city’s demographics, engaged in the mainstream culture (and cause enough impact to be interviewed by a mainstream newspaper), committed to social justice and serving the poor, and willing to church plant into the most secular yet spiritually hungry neighborhoods.

Pastor Ken is truly a godly and courageous man.

Spreading the word

Mark Hasiuk, Vancouver Courier
Published: Friday, October 16, 2009

Despite Kitsilano’s high rent and irreligious reputation, Tenth Avenue Church, an evangelical church led by Pastor Ken Shigematsu, has moved into the neighbourhood.

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3 Responses

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  1. L says

    wow… our neighbor is amazing!

    • Anson says

      I’m still puzzled how did Tenth Ave Church come to decide hiring a 29 year old Japanese minister for their 175 Anglo-Saxon grannies back then. It was a bold move, and it indeed changed things forever.

      I wonder if that kind of thing will ever happen in Chinese churches. What if we know Good Shepherd can hire someone like Pastor Ken and transform Good Shepherd into, not a Chinese church anymore, but a multi-ethnic multi-cultural missional church with over 1600 people 20 years later, will we do it today?

      I think the resistance to change and the tendency to remain ghettoized are far greater in Chinese churches than in Anglo-Saxon churches. I think the old white folks basically felt they had no where to turn, except accepting this bold endeavor or else the church would die with them, because they had no young people. I’m sure Pastor Ken made a lot of old people feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but it did shake things up for the better eventually. I think Chinese churches will not see this until there is absolutely no hope in the young generation, then they’ll see the Kingdom of God is much greater than just a cozy place for Chinese immigrants to hang out and avoid engaging with the outside world.

      • L says

        The fact of not knowing where a new pastor will take the church can already cause uneasy feelings. I’m sure what the secretary told pastor Ken when he first started was also the voice of almost everyone in Tenth at that time. What pressure must he be under when he heard that!! (And what faith he has to keep him going, knowing that his congregation had all lost hope.)

        And then there’s also the question of quality vs quantity. With a congregation that size, how does he ensure everyone’s in line with God’s message?

        I’m also very interested in the shelter ministry that they’re doing. I think I’ll consider volunteering for them, or maybe even get our fellowship to involve also.