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V on ABC

Just by looking at the trailer, I can anticipate this being a bombshell in the sci-fi arena. In fact, according to wikipedia, E! Online rated the pilot 11 on the scale of 1 to 10. This show presents some very interesting sociological issues (power of the media), economical issues (is it worth trading our natural resources for more advanced technology?), and religious phenomena (worship and devotion). Oh, I can’t wait for this show’s premiere on Nov 3rd.

Here are some great lines:

“We’re all so quick to jump on the bandwagon, but before we get on, let us at least examine…”

“Now that’s the danger…. gratitude can morph into worship.”

“They are arming themselves with the most powerful weapon out there…… (and what’s that?)…… Devotion.”

Another piece of trivia I dug up is that the original creator of the show, Kenneth Johnson, is actually an alumnus of Carnegie Institute of Technology, the engineering department of my alma mater. I guess my school does breed geeks who are fascinated in similar geeky topics =)

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