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Beautiful Saltshakers with White Washed Sand

White washed sandGreat line by Tim:

“Salt has to be spread out of a saltshaker and to prove its taste and effectiveness before it can be deemed as ‘good salt.’ We should not be in the business of building beautiful saltshakers and labeling that as ‘good salt.'”

from There Are No Small Churches by Timothy Chan

I would further it by adding: “We should not be in the business of building beautiful saltshakers filled with white washed sand and labeling that as ‘good salt’.” Not only is it unpalatable, it is outright hazardous to your health!

Yes, desperately filling up and whitewashing are the two biggest problems I see in churches today.

  1. The only things the New Testament asks us to be filled up are not buildings with people, but our selves with the Holy Spirit, the knowledge of God, wisdom, awe, joy, and peace. Why then are we so obsessed with counting attendance numbers?
  2. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, whitewashing means “to deliberately conceal one’s mistakes or faults”. If you walk into a church and feel like you have to be a perfect and faultless person in order to become a Christian, I’d tell you that’s a whitewashed place. Go somewhere else that is less hazardous to your spiritual well-being.

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  1. Timothy Chan says

    Nice… yes I’ve seen these “desperate” measures, all due to people aiming for unworthy or incorrect goals in church ministry.