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Slides for Tagged Camp

TAGGED campI just uploaded the Tagged camp slides for those who wanted to review them or couldn’t jot notes quick enough. Here you go:

  1. Tagged – Who am I?
  2. Eikon – What am I supposed to be?
  3. Cracked – Why am I so mixed up?
  4. Restored – What on earth is going on?
  5. Destiny – Where is my life going?

P.S. Recordings will be available upon request. But I forgot to record the second talk. That’s what happens when you are a bit anxious on the stage. Now I always put a reminder in the first slide’s presenter’s notes. Maybe I’ll record it again when I have free time later.

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  1. L says

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for this camp and for the church! You’re a great blessing for all of us.
    By the way, will you be putting these on the official camp website also?