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See the Potential

“Similarly, thousands of people plant little round bulbs in the fall, but they don’t say they are planting small roots or little balls–they say they are planting tulips! People who plant don’t look at what they see. They look forward to what will emerge.”

“Jesus expressed this perspective of emerging when he compared the Kingdom of heaven to a mustard seed and to leaven (Matt. 13:31, 33). In both similes the emphasis is not on what is but on what can be. We must recognize that the potential will not simply pop into existence; future maturity begins with present immaturity.

Charles Van Engen, God’s Missionary People: Rethinking the Purpose of the Local Church, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1991), 25-6.

The hardest thing anyone has to learn in life is to be willing to put down one’s judgment based on the past, be able to see through the present failures, and see the hope and potential transformation that is about to come in the future. When you love someone, that’s what you see. And that’s also what Jesus saw in the people he loved.

Charis kissing AlethiaAlethia touching tulips

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  1. L says

    Thank you Anson! That’s really good reminder!