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Anglican Church in North America Inaugurated

The Anglican Church in North America has officially inaugurated. The service installing Bishop Bob Duncan as the Archbishop of this new province took place in Christ Church (Plano, Texas) today. This is one of the most glorious service processions I have ever seen. The music arrangement is so amazing, that even sitting behind a computer screen watching it on Youtube, it still gave me the chills. I guess this is an illustration of the church as a time machine helping us to get a taste of the future heavenly banquet.

(My pastor Rev. Stephen Leung appeared @ 1:21, St. John’s Shaughnessy‘s rector David Short @ 3:00)

Another piece of good news is that my pastor Rev. Stephen Leung is going to be consecrated as bishop later this year. Official announcement is here.

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  1. Edmund says

    Is that Silas at 1.07?

    A total of 8 new bishops are elected and welcomed, including Rev, Leung and Rev. Ng:

    • Anson says

      Oh yeah, that’s right, it seems like it is he! Good eye!