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Church as Time Machine

back-to-the-futureIn the 1960s, Zimbabwe was extremely racially segregated. Black and white university students were instructed to eat their meals at separate tables. But some black and white Christian students decided to go against the flow and eat together. They even served each other dinner.

Krish Kandiah said:

These students were like time travellers: they lived with one foot in the present and another in the heavenly city. They brought the values of God’s future into the present. They wanted to visibly demonstrate where history was going.

This same experience should be part of the life of the church every day. Church should not be a time machine taking us back into the Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Victorian England or even the good old 1980s! It should be a time machine taking us forward to a taste of the cosmopolitan city-bride community.

Krish Kandiah, Destiny: What’s Life All About (Oxford: Monarch, 2007), p.128-9.

One of the best statements I’ve read on what the church should be like. So how can we make our churches more indicative of the life to come? I think regularly celebrating the Eucharist is part of the answer. What else?

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