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Gordon Fee’s Last Lecture

From Jen Gilbertson’s blog:

Last Tuesday, we listened to Over the Rhine and a sermon written by Kasemann, sang a hymn, and listened to Gordon teach us the final verses of John’s vision. Then his daughter got up and told us that we had just heard his final lecture as a teaching professor.

gordon_feeGordon Fee, one of the greatest New Testament scholars on pneumatology (theology on the Holy Spirit), have just announced to rest from his teaching career indefinitely. If you don’t know him, he’s one of the committee members who helped translated the NIV and TNIV bible, and also strongly advocated for gender equality in biblical translation.

I regret so much for not having at least audited his course on Revelations at Regent this semester. I guess what I will miss the most is his signature thunderous exhortations in his lectures, which have always kept me alert and awake. Luckily I’m still studying under his diciple Rikk E. Watts. Know what? He’s just as loud. Ah, Pentecostal preachers……

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