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Commodification of Sex

Rethinking CommodificationLast week, my History professor Sarah Williams gave a disconcerting lecture titled “A Sexual Reformation? Marriage and Sexuality in the Contemporary Paradigm“. Her thesis is strong and it challenges the very foundation of our contemporary sensibilities:

The modern (and ‘post-modern’) invention of ‘sex’ as a thing apart from either covenant or procreation has led to its commodification, with disastrous social and cultural effects.

The recording of this lecture was somehow leaked on the internet and caused an uproar in UBC and beyond, with some people who strongly disagreed with the lecture went as far as slandered my professor in her academic circles and made some really bigoted and discriminatory remarks. (Now who’s advocating toleration and respect all the time? Who’s the hypocrite here?)

It is a heart-wrenching message on how depraved our culture is in the area of sexual ethics. I found a fellow Regent student putting some of his lecture notes on his blog. You may read his summary here. Or even better, download and listen to the lecture here.

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