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As We Forgive

This deeply moving documentary As We Forgive is produced by Washington D.C. Anglicans of the AMiA, which is affiliated with the suffering church in Africa — the Anglican Church in Rwanda. (Here is some background info on the Rwandan Genocide.)

Not only those who have committed evil are crushed by their deep shame, but those who are sinned against are also corroded and consumed by their unforgiving rage inside. At this level of hurt and woundedness, forgiveness and reconciliation is only possible by letting God absorb the pain onto himself as he was hung on the cross and bled to death for all our sins. That’s the only way to move forward as new beings created in Christ.

I think the work of God among these Africans is really re-educating us North American Christians the true meaning of the gospel and Jesus’ sacrificial love. I thank God for the Rwandan church and the AMiA for witnessing this powerful testimony to us.

Father… Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.” (Luke 11:4)

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  1. Edmund says

    Anson, the book I gave you Never Silent is about that too.

    • Anson says

      Ah, oh yeah…. Sorry I haven’t had a chance to read that book yet, but now it’ll be much more interesting to read the book and watch the film together.