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Download Your Soul

Arguing for the inseparability of the body and soul, theologian Tom Wright suggests ways of resolving the continuity problem between death and resurrection:

Another way of ‘solving’ it is to say that God ‘remembers’ us, not just with a kind of nostalgic looking back at the person we once were but are no longer, but that he somehow holds us in life (as the Psalmist says) within his own being. Hence Polkinghorne‘s image: God will download our software onto his hardware until the time when he gives us new hardware to run the software again for ourselves.

from BWIII’s Q & A with Tom Wright on “Surprised by Hope”
H/T: littleho

DownloadedOh my goodness, that’s exactly how the humanoid Cylons resurrect themselves in Battlestar Galactica. When a Cylon dies, the consciousness is being downloaded to a nearby resurrection ship where ready-made bodies can spawn back to life. This maintains continuity of their being and accumulates experiences for them.

Are theologians influenced by contemporary Sci-Fi ideas, or Sci-Fi writers are really digging into what theologians are contemplating on these days? Interesting…

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