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one body second album released!!!

one body - one heart

Dear friends,

The second album of my band “one body” is finally out on sale! We have spent almost 4 years in the making of this album, collaborating with many musicians and singers, and recorded it in professional studios. I guarantee you will love it. I hope you’ll find our sound refreshing to your ears and moving to your heart. This will not be like any other contemporary Christian music you have listened to before.

This time, we have decided to start with digital distribution first (i.e. MP3 download). So please support us and go to to buy a copy of our album. You may also listen to 30-sec samples from the website. If you like our album, please please please spread the word and tell your friends about it. Thanks!

Recommended tracks:
從沒計算,不息禱告,漆黑中,進我心中,無比尊貴,守候  <– my composition =)

ONE BODY: one heart 同心

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