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Abstinence from Sex

Sarah Palin’s 18 year old daughter, Bristol, was interviewed by Fox regarding her pregnancy and her views on teenage sexual activity. She says abstinence is “not realistic” at all, simply because teenage sex is more accepted now.

Of course teenage pregnancy is never desired. However, I noticed a shift in this past decade that 1) teenage pregnant girls are more willing to embrace their pregnancy, 2) they are less likely to secretly abort the child (compared to the past), 3) their families are more supportive (since it is less of a taboo now), and 4) you see the presence of teenage dads at least willing to try fathering instead of escaping and abandoning the mother and child.

Choose one: Teenage abortions or teenage moms. Considering the lesser of two evils, I would rather pick the latter.

If this is the landscape and reality of our world, instead of just condemning it, perhaps it is a golden opportunity to offer pastoral care and restore the long lost familial and communal support that is most needed in this cold, individualistic, and broken world.

Let us not forget that Mary was also a pregnant teenage girl, transgressing all the moral and social boundaries of her time. She also faced pretty much the same fear, rejection, and social stigma our modern pregnant teens are facing. Instead of keeping Mary’s story a disembodied and glorified Christmas tale, we need to retell it in its most raw and human form. It is essential to communicate the “realistic” sense and relevance of the gospel to our generation today.

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