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Best Laptop Sleeve Ever

Built NYI can’t express how much I like this company called BUILT NY. A little more than a year ago, I bought one of their neoprene laptop sleeves for my MacBook Pro. This kind of material is used for making diving suits, which makes it very stretchy and durable. They also use it for milk bottle warmers and a whole line of other baby products.

A while ago, the zipper of my sleeve broke. I guess I pulled too hard on it. The teeth fell off and the zipper came off the railing. I never expected anything, but I thought I might just try sending an email (with a photo of my broken sleeve) to the manufacturer asking if they can do anything about it. Without absolutely any of the interrogating tones you would expect from other customer services, they immediately asked for my address and FedEx-ed me a brand new laptop sleeve.

So I am here to give my kudos to such a great company who cares about customer satisfaction and stands behind its products. Looking for a durable and fitting laptop sleeve? Choose BUILT NY.

An Afterthought: This is what grace is about. When grace is given, you get praise in return. Now think about our whole way of Christian living. When we show God’s grace to others, God will receive the praises in return. When you interrogate people, they will be turned off. It’s that simple.

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