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Sea of Digital Cameras

Sea of Cameras

This is definitely something I’ve noticed a lot of lately: people are more interested in taking photos of something they’re witnessing than actually, you know, witnessing it. These people are all looking at LCD screens instead of the new Presidential couple standing in front of them. Sure, they’ll be able to post the photo to their Facebook accounts, but they’ll (obviously) be able to find 100 identical or better photos of the same thing on Flickr when they get home. Is it more important to take a unique photo to prove you were there or to exist in that moment fully as to remember it better?

from Gizmodo 1/21/09

Yeah, I’m one of these people. When I went to Monkey Majik‘s concert last time, I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps with my phone, forming a part of that sea of cameras. But why, oh my, I ask myself?

A common explanation is that we have a twisted sense of self-identity, that we are more concerned with impressing others, or using the opportunity to create a false sense of connectedness, than actually enjoying what we are doing at the moment.

Or perhaps, on the positive side, do we all have a deep longing inside of us to be part of something larger than us, of a significant event, a story, or a meta-narrative, that we naturally want to tell others and share the sense of awe and wonder?

I think this points us to something important in terms of our approach to mission and evangelism.

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  1. littleho says

    good point! (and quoted at my blog)