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Facing the Challenge of Other FaithsAs part of responding to the financial crisis, the Focus group from UK is now generously offering all of their training courses as free download from their website. They specialize in creating courseware to address contemporary issues and the church (such as postmodernism, mass media, world religions…etc.) Course packages are very comprehensive, including powerpoint slides, teaching materials (even scripts of the lecture), and student guides.

Three years ago, I taught in my church the Facing the Challenge course on how should Christians deal with postmodern culture. I find the materials quite thoughtful and well researched. The only thing is, I had to adapt the illustrations from their British context back to a Canadian/Chinese context (e.g. cut out the mentioning of Tony Blair and the royal family when non-British people don’t relate to them.) Other than that, it’s a recommended resource for church leaders and teachers.

Here are some of their titles:
Facing the Challenge of Our Times
Facing the Challenge of a Hostile World
Facing the Challenge of Television
Facing the Challenge of Other Faiths
What Muslims believe
What Hindus believe
Meals with Jesus

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