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Protestantism’s Magical Void 更正教的魔法真空

Magic 8 ball點解咁多中國人寧願信一個專門降禍比你嘅太歲爺,寧願俾錢啲神棍幫你祈福,都唔信一個慈愛嘅天父呢?


點解有啲基督徒喜歡掃閱書局內的 self-help section,希望提昇自己生命的質素?



“At first sight the Reformation appeared to have dispensed with this whole apparatus of supernatural assistance. It denied the value of the Church’s rituals and referred the believer back to the unpredictable mercies of God. If religion continued to be regarded by its adherents as a source of power, then it was a power which was patently much diminished. Yet the problems for which the magical remedies of the past had provided some sort of solution were still there – the fluctuations of nature, the hazards of fire, the threat of plague and disease, the fear of evil spirits, and all the uncertainties of daily life. How was it that men were able to renounce the magical solutions offered by the medieval Church before they had devised any technical remedies to put in their place? Were they now mentally prepared to face up to such problems by sole reliance upon their own resources and techniques? Did they have to turn to other kinds of magical control in order to replace the remedies offered by medieval religion? Or was Protestantism itself forced against its own premises to devise a magic of its own?”

Keith Thomas, Religion and the Decline of Magic, p.77

我認為這是一篇非常發人深醒的文章。作者道出當人將所有超自然的何能性排除、將信仰在日常生活上的真實影嚮除掉時,而人卻在根子裡仍然需要一份安全感、一種能解決日常生活上人不能控制的問題的力量,迷信的習慣自自然然會捲土重來。這正解析到為何更正基督教 (Protestant Christianity) 今日仍然對一般人 (特別是有迷信傾向的中國人) 起不了什麼吸引作用,因為基督教信仰看起來只是一套教義和信念,跟李天命實質地指點你09年運程、如何趨吉避兇、轉運程、保平安的實際性差得遠。更有趣的是,更正基督教裡面,卻存著不少人深感信仰所講的只是理想,跟現實是兩碼子的事情。因為有很多人覺得,面對職業問題、學業問題、戀愛問題、金錢問題等,信仰根本幫不上什麼忙。我常常在查經時聽見:「咳… 聖經係咁講啫,你到實際生活上時就行唔通㗎啦。」相反,更甚的是,教會裡面其實也自創了不少表面上敬虔、實際上迷信的習慣。你能數得出多少呢?這一切問題都是源自更正教的魔法真空 (Protestantism’s Magical Void)。


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  1. alan says

    we have to seek a healthy understanding of the mysterious dimension of our faith system.