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Spending a Year Living Like Jesus

Ed DobsonIt’s one thing to follow the teachings of Jesus, but it’s another thing to try to eat like him, talk like him, look like him, even vote like him.

After reading the book “A Year of Living Biblically,” by A.J. Jacobs, former pastor Ed Dobson decided to devote a year trying to live as Jesus did, based on what is written about him in the Bible and other historical documents.

“I read that book a little over a year ago, and I thought, well, if a secular Jew could do this, certainly a follower of Jesus could,” Dobson said today on “Good Morning America Weekend.”

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What’s interesting about this is not what he’s doing, but who he is. By digging up his bio from wikipedia, I realized he used to be associated with the fundamentalist camp, like Bob Jones University, Jerry Falwell, and the Moral Majority……etc. But as time went on, he drifted away from that and became more in line with mainstream evangelicalism. Lately, after he lived like Jesus for a whole year and read the Scriptures everyday, he found himself compelled to vote for Obama, first time for him ever to vote for a democrat, since he said he found Obama embodies the principles of Jesus’ teaching more than any other candidate. (Will the Republican Christians be surprised at this?)

He served as a pastor in Calvary Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan for eighteen years from 1987 to 2005. Guess what? That’s the mother church that planted Mars Hill Bible Church, where Rob Bell served as Dobson’s associate pastor for 3 years before launching this emergent church.

As I know of Bell, he’s soaked with Scriptures. It is no wonder his mentor can pull off this experiment by reading the four gospels once a week for 52 weeks straight.

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