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Ronald Jenkees – the unschooled music genius

With much controversy regarding the Youtube symphony biasing towards professional musicians and against those who can’t read sheet music, you really can’t deny there are music geniuses in this world who can play great music but can only do it by ear and not by sight. Youtube prodigy and unschooled musician Ronald Jenkees is one of such examples. He claims on his website that he cannot read music and has only taken a few formal classes. He can only play music by ear. (It makes me wonder, perhaps sometimes it’s by getting rid of sheet music that we humans can truly tap into our vast instinctive musical potential.)

Although a lot of people have been commenting about his geeky appearances (he looks like Karl Barth with such thick glasses) and his awkward behavior (actually, I don’t think it’s awkward at all and far from autistic in which people are speculating), I think it’s another proof (like Paul Potts on Britain’s Got Talent) that it’s one’s talent and not looks that matters.

I love electronica and rock and this guy’s improvs have taking these two genres to a whole new level. I haven’t heard anything so stimulating to my ears and brain for quite a while. I can’t help but to support this guy by buying his CD online. So check him out:

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