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Dear friends,

It’s time for me to move my blog to a new place. I’m quite fed up with xanga. Ever since WordPress released version 2.7, I find myself unable to resist switching over. Now my blog is hosted on my own domain For those who subscribe to RSS feeds can subscribe to my blog posts and comments. For those who wanted to try out the bliss of WordPress but don’t have your own web hosting, you can try the online hosted version There you can obtain a free account named

However, I won’t abandon my friends at xanga. I’ll cross-post back to xanga so that they can still be in the loop. (But please, learn how to subscribe feeds using RSS, so you won’t be stuck in the tiny xanga community and be able to read all the blogs elsewhere. For a quick tutorial on RSS in plain english, watch this commoncraft video.)



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  1. Edmund says

    Excellent! And welcome to the real world! You finally break the chain… haha.

  2. vivien says