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We are Living Eucharists

Living Eucharist“The Greek word for thankful is from the verb eucharizomai – the Greek word eu, which means “well” or “good,” and the word charizomai, which means “to grant or give.” It’s from this word that we get the English word Eucharist, the “good gift.” Jesus is God’s good gift to the world.
That’s how the Eucharist works.
For someone to receive, someone has to give.
For someone to be fed, someone has to provide the food.
If someone is inspired, which means that life has been breathed into them, then somebody else had life breathed out of them.
If someone somewhere benefits, then someone somewhere has paid something.
The church is a living Eucharist, because followers of Christ are living Eucharists.
A Christian is a living Eucharist, allowing her body to be broken and her blood to be poured out for the healing of the world.”

from Jesus Wants To Save Christians ~ A Manifesto for the Chruch in Exile by Rob Bell & Don Colden (pp. 147-150)

Now that means Christians need not buy Christmas presents to give to others. They give themselves out as good gifts.

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