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Alethia on slide


All by herself, without any of our help.
We are so amazed how she could do it without us teaching her.
She’s just 17 months old.
Kids learn so quickly!

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  1. yujuwong says

    First they learn the talk, then they learn to talk back;
    But no parent would ever trade away these moments of future flashbacks.

    It seems like just yesterday that she was still swelling in your arms, eyes closed, drooling endlessly;
    And now she’s learning new words every day, shining her smile everywhere, walking around carefree.

    I pray that she’ll grow up to have the deepest relationship with her parents and God.

  2. ESWH says

    When it comes to children playing, it is just as natural as breathing.

  3. jane_chan says

    Alethia is the cutest!!! Yay!!!