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R.I.P. Michael Crichton

Michael CrichtonI will remember November 4th, 2008, a day to celebrate for most Americans but also a day to mourn, for my favorite novelist just passed away. I remember when I applied for universities back then, most application forms would require me to tell them what books I liked to read. Besides Sidney Sheldon, all I could put down was Michael Crichton. Among his works, I remember I have read: A Case of Need, The Andromeda Strain, The Terminal Man, Congo, Sphere, Jurassic Park, and the Rising Sun. I am sure for many generations to come, he’ll remain an inspiration and motivation for high schoolers to read, because that’s what he has done for me. He has instilled a certain kind of geekness in me, leading me to become an engineer and scientist.

Rest in peace, Mr. Crichton, you are always the coolest non-geek-looking geek novelist =)

Link: ‘Jurassic Park’ author Michael Crichton dies at 66 (AP News)

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