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Today during mid-afternoon, when Charis and I were driving east along Bridgeport Ave,
we saw a perfect rainbow arc on the sky. Our jaws dropped. It was just like this:

It was just beautiful. The colors were so vibrant, the arc so perfect. In fact too perfect to be real. It was so close to us, Charis even suggested “Can we go chase it?”

I asked myself: “How can such beauty of this earth be a result of random chance and unguided progress? How is it possible?” No, such beauty that amuses our eyes and that our souls delight in, with such perfect symmetry and form, must be of divine creation. There is no other better explanation.

When you unplug the cable from a TV, all you will see is black and white snow. Now that’s what “random” is. That is noise.

If you plug it back in and tune into channels after broadcasting hours, you’ll usually see test signal patterns, consisting of various bright colors, gradients, lines and curves.

Now this is something I won’t say that came out of the blue, by random chances or by accident.

Anyway, I have always wanted to understand how rainbows worked. So I looked up wikipedia and howstuffworks and found out that rainbows actually do not exist!!! Wikipedia says, “A rainbow does not actually exist at a location in the sky, but is an optical phenomenon whose apparent position depends on the observer’s location.” Just as long as the raindrops are evenly distributed in the sky, and the sunlight shining at a particular angle, no matter how you chase it, how you try to change your position, it’ll just appear the same as you see it. It does not exist in the sky, but in your eyes!

How surprising and shocking this is to me!!! When I think deeper into this, the more amazing I think it is. If God made a rainbow that physically existed in the sky, the rainbow viewed by different people from different angles would be drastically different. Some would see an arc, some would see a straight line.  Some people could go to its beginning and end and try to grab hold of it. Some might even try to get a piece of it, finding out how it tastes like!!

Now, if rainbow is an optical phenomenon, everyone will be guaranteed to see the same rainbow as everyone else (given the sunlight is shining from your back and the raindrops are evenly distributed in the sky). No matter where in the world you are, no matter where you stand, when you look at the same old sky, you’ll be able to see the same beautiful arc. Besides, no one can grab a piece of it, neither can anyone go near it. It’ll also appear in front of our eyes only at moments that we may not control, but by mere fortune. More interestingly, you need a 84 degree angle of view in order to capture a full arc in a camera, requiring a <19mm focal length wide angle lens, which most photographers do not usually have. What does that mean? That means we may only admire this captivating moment with our bare eyes, leaving us amazed, awestruck, astonished….and even amused.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9

How high is God’s wisdom!!! How gracious he is that he doesn’t make something for a selected few, but it is made for all to admire, no matter who you are and where you stand. Now that’s the creator I believe in, the creator of infinite wisdom and who’s full of grace. I hope I can understand more of our Lord’s amazing creation in my lifetime.

P.S. One more interesting fact. If you view a rainbow from an airplane, above the raindrops, the rainbow will become a full circle, which is called a “glory“.

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